Foreign Exchange

Meeting the currency needs of your business

When you’re trading internationally, foreign exchange is an important element to your business and its success. Muloot have partnered with leading foreign exchange provider to offer low, competitive and fair fx margins in over 200 currency pairs, including all major pairs

  • Plus many others

When you’re expanding into a new market it’s a valuable resource to have at your fingertips. Reasons for transferring and converting money varies for each client. Muloot’s services can save you money when

  • Importing/Exporting
  • Paying international suppliers
  • Receiving payments from abroad
  • Funding overseas operations
  • Repatriating funds

Through our partners online platform, the process of foreign exchange is made simple, hassle free and quick. Most importantly it’s secure and flexible, giving you favourable rates and the flexibility you need to finance your business and maintain a healthy cash flow.